Three Secrets to

start, launch, and grow a freelance business 
(no matter what your current job is or isn't)!

There is a career waiting for you that  will ignite your passion & revolutionize your life and it is called freelancing! Think virtual assistant, social media manager, copywriter, graphic designer... Yes, finally a GOOD option! 

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Four years ago, I was an overworked and underpaid teacher barely getting by. Oh, yea & I was absolutely miserable dropping my baby off at daycare every day. I needed to work. And, honestly...I wanted to work. I just wanted it to be on my own terms. I didn’t want to give up extra long morning snuggles or afternoons playing at the park. I wanted it all.

Within a few months of freelancing, I was working 15-20 hours a week, earning double my old paycheck. With my baby (now a feisty 4 year old + amazing big sister!) right beside me every step of the way.

I have it all.

I made it happen. Now it’s your turn.

It’s time for YOU to have a career full of freedom & flexibility. I truly & firmly believe ALL women have untapped abilities they can use to build a life they love.

I'll show you how in this workshop! 

Hey, I'm Micala... and I want every mom out there to know about freelancing.

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