How to launch a profitable freelance business and ditch your 9-5 - FAST

Without a fancy degree, thousands of dollars in startup money, or previous experience. 

Build a profitable, stable freelance business ASAP with the ultimate program for overworked, underpaid, OVER IT moms ready to end the family vs. finances battle.

For moms who want more….

You’ve been told that the problem is you.
I screamed through tears at my husband...again. After a long day of teaching in the classroom, I had rushed to pick up our first born from daycare and was now rushing around the kitchen, trying desperately to make dinner, wash bottles, and squeeze in some precious family time before Mclaren’s bedtime. She watched quietly from her highchair as I rushed, rummaged, and wailed. 
I knew deep in my soul there had to be a better way. 

Sound familiar?!

  • Are you tired of rushing through every single day?
  • Overwhelmed at the constant COVID changes and closures that are forcing you to try to mother like you don’t have a job and work like you’re not a mother?
  • SO stinkin’ sick of hearing how "this is just how it is! You have to sacrifice!”
  • Stressed, sad, and just downright angry that in 2020 you actually have to choose between earning money for your family or watching your sweet babies grow up?!

Four years ago...I was you. A high school English teacher trying desperately to find a way to make money and stay home with my baby. Everyone told me I wanted too much. Everyone told me it just wasn’t possible. Everyone told me to pick a lane. But...lucky for me...I didn’t listen to one.freaking.word.

I grew my freelancing business and doubled my old teacher salary...working where, when, and how I wanted. I turned in my resignation, picked Mclaren up from daycare for the very last time, and never looked back.
Soon, other moms started to reach out- wanting to know how I made this happen & how they could, too! While it took me months to land any clients with my DIY route...the moms who implemented my plans were getting results- fast! Like...quitting their jobs in one month fast! 

The key difference?

My Live Free Fast Framework! When everything you need to launch a business- from the boring legal/tax info to the super-fun branding exercises- are all in one place...success isn’t only’s lightning fast!

Today, over 1000+ women have utilized my revolutionary program Overwhelmed to Overbooked to quit their jobs, land dream clients, and do it all with their families by their side!
You are not crazy or entitled for wanting something more. Something different than the path we were told to take our entire lives. What is actually crazy is that it’s taken this long for mothers to finally decide enough is enough.

Are you ready to transform your life and build a business you actually love? 

No more sacrifice. No more stress.

It’s possible. And you can start right now.

But don't just take it from me...

The ROI came quickly, and so did the transition of being "overwhelmed" to being "overbooked."

Micala's course is truly amazing and life changing. She gives detailed, step-by-step actions to take to start your freelancing business- all while providing a ton of ongoing support. Her authenticity is refreshing, and I adore the community she created. I am empowered to live & work how I want because of her course!! I am forever grateful for this course!!

I have by far exceeded my income at my office job working 5-20 hours a week!

“I signed up for Micala’s program because I was ready to kick my freelance career into full gear so that I could stay home with my daughter, travel with my husband, and do fulfilling work. I am so much happier now.. I have tapped into creative skills that are flourishing and bringing me so much joy.”

freelancing is the future

42% of all workers age 22-34 freelance, and it's expected to be the majority of the workforce by 2027

51% of freelancers say they wouldn't take a traditional job, no matter how much they're offered

63% of freelancers think that having a diversified portfolio of clients is more secure than one employer

Launch your business --- love your life with
Build a profitable, stable freelance business ASAP
 with the ultimate program for overworked, underpaid, OVER IT moms ready to end the family vs. finances battle.

Break FREE with my power-packed, comprehensive, step-by-step guide to designing, launching, and growing the business of your dreams.

  • Match, double, or triple your current take-home pay (so you can FINALLY leave your 9-5)
  • Attract and land clients by leveraging the skills and experience you already have, even if you think you have none!
  • Master time management - stay focused & build your biz in as little as 20 minutes per day (no more wasting hours on Google & YouTube trying to DIY it all!)
  • ​Banish imposter syndrome and build your business badassery! 
  • ​Join a community of successful, inspiring, powerful women ready to embrace and empower you. You can do this- but you will never have to do it alone!
  • ​Finally enjoy freedom, flexibility, and financial stability (without sacrificing precious family time or your sanity!)

Build the life and career you’ve always wanted-  with your babies by your side as you conquer it all.

Module 01:

Fundamental Foundation

Jumpstart your journey by tackling all the big stressors! We will nail down the legal and financial side of your business, discover the WHY that will drive you, design a goal action plan, create the ultimate time management system & more!
  • A business that is legal and tax ready
  • Your realistic quit date and strategies to reach your goal 
  • All the FREE tools and tech you need to run your business
Module 02:

Client Clarity

Now that you’re legal & ready, it’s time to identify your ideal clients! And trust me- it’s not anyone who will pay you! We’ll explore why ideal clients matter, how a narrowed approach actually leads to more opportunities, and how anticipating NOs will lead to a YES.
  • Your ideal client avatar
  • Methods to help you uncover the difference-making details about your dream partners
  • All the FREE tools and tech you need to run your business
Module 03:

Monetize and Maximize!

Now it’s time for the good stuff! It’s time to determine the skills and services you will offer and set your rates based on experience and expertise!
  •  A profitable freelance service that will get you P.A.I.D.
  • ​A blueprint to price and package your services
  • Answers to all your pricing and packages questions
Module 04:

Brand Like A BOSS

Woohoo! We did it. You have the foundation in place to build the business of your dreams! Now we will develop a beautiful brand that attracts clients, even if you don’t have an eye for design! 
  • A showstopping, cohesive brand that WOWS your ideal clients
  • ​Design tips and tricks to make branding your biz easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Spoiler Alert → This module is everyone’s favorite!

Module 05:

Go Live! Taking Your Business Online

It’s time to take your business out into the online world. You COULD build a Website, develop a loyal online following on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, grow an email list, & launch a blog. If you had unlimited skills, time, money, & knowledge. Or…you could just start booking clients. Today. With a basic knowledge of online engagement, a digital portfolio & a Facebook’s all covered in step 5!
  • A portfolio that converts potential clients into paying clients
  • ​Client-attracting, fully optimized Facebook business and personal pages
  • ​Templates so all you have to do is drag, drop, and mark it done!
Module 06:

THE Client-Landing Method

It’s your time to shine! In this step, I’ll show you how to take that ideal client from your dreams to your inbox. We will work through strategies for landing clients, how to handle discovery calls, sending invoices & proposals, & the best way to track results & keep clients wanting more.
  • Proven processes to land clients online and in-person
  • ​Discovery call scripts and tips
  • Proposals, invoices, & contracts ready to go
  • ​A system to track and follow-up with your leads
  • ​All the templates you need to start contacting potential clients TODAY!
Module 07:

THE Client Retention Method

Are you ready to transform that one-time project into a long-term business relationship? In Module 7, we put all the pieces together to ensure your new clients transform into reliable monthly retainer income. 
  • The super-secret client onboarding process that WOWs
  • ​Best practices to managing and maintaining awesome, long-term client relationships
  • Tough conversation scripts & tips

Upon completion of Overwhelmed to Overbooked, you will have so much more than just a legitimate, functional, and insanely profitable business.  Which is pretty amazing on its own, don’t ya think?!

You will also have the confidence, knowledge, and ability to fully transform your life and break free of the family vs. finances battle...forever! 

And that’s pretty dang priceless.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Sneak a peek at the two secret weapons that shift your success into overdrive...

six months access
Enjoy SIX months private access to the most AMAZING Facebook group for work at home moms on the internet. This group is only available to OTO students and alumni.

It’s your work break room...minus the toxicity and negativity that come with traditional jobs. Post your questions, find an accountability partner, network, share your progress, celebrate your success, & reach out for support when you’re struggling. With over 1000+ active members waiting, willing, and ready to embrace you- you cannot fail! We won’t let you.

six months access
Get personalized 1:1 help from ME...every week! 
A 6-month access pass to weekly coaching calls is included in your OTO purchase. 

  • Join me every Wednesday at noon CST
  • The calls are virtual and informal! Join from work while on your lunch break or in the car while your kids sing in the background -- whatever you need to do to be there is encouraged! You can stay as long or as short as your schedule allows
  • Calls are recorded so you can watch the replay
Here’s what I know: Launching a business is not easy. Even with all the support and guidance included in OTO, life and business can be messy. You will derailed from time to time and experience setbacks. Everyone does! 

That’s why the OTO community and weekly office hours are included with the program. To ensure you have daily and weekly support options to get back on track, crush those goals, and get home to your babies!

You’ve got this. And we’ve got your back.

The OTO Difference.

Maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about launching a freelance business. Let’s be real...there are tons of programs out there offering super similar trainings and results as Overwhelmed to Overbooked. 

How do you make a decision? Aren’t they all the same?

Absolutely not!

Training programs often fall into one of two categories… 

Person  A 
launched their freelance business less than one year ago. It was successful. If they can do it...anyone can! They launch a training program with no results from other students, no guarantees, and no in-depth knowledge of industries, skillsets, and experience levels different from their own. Oof. 

I have over five years of experience and a proven plan that gets results- over 1000 women have used my program to transform their lives! And they are definitely not all working with the same skillsets or experience levels! The vast variety of the OTO alum speaks for itself- this is more than just a training program for one kind of woman seeking one kind of career. No matter your niche, passion, or vision for your business—my training leads to success. 

Person B 
They have flashy sales pages, amazing video tutorials, heck they’ve probably even published a book! Shouldn’t you invest in that freelance guru over some mom typing this while her 2-year-old draws on himself with permanent marker?! Here’s what they don’t tell you. Many times, those impressive guides are where the guru’s instruction stops. They let their teams handle training calls, DMs, and requests for feedback while they focus on those students paying $100K for mentoring programs. 

While I do have an amazing team (built entirely of OTO alumni!) they handle the BTS work so I can focus 100% on what I love- mentoring you! In addition to the weekly coaching calls, you’ll see me constantly in all corners of our online community — offering feedback, advice, & encouragement. 

Meet Aubree

Within 1 week of purchasing my course, Aubree signed her first client! Two months later, Aubree met her income goal & knew she would not need to return to teaching after maternity leave.

A teacher & mother with another baby on the way, Aubree was looking for a way to be home with her kids while still contributing to her family’s finances. Like most teachers, Aubree struggled with the guilt of caring for students vs. caring for her family. Removing that stress allowed Aubree to fully replace her teaching salary in less than 6 months!

Meet Haylee! 

“If you are willing to work & you have dreams & are willing to listen to Micala’s advice, you can absolutely do it. You will be successful.”

Priorities shift after you have a baby. Although Hayley had always dreamed of being a teacher, the stress of juggling mom life with teacher life pushed her to seek other options. Now 3 months after enrolling in Micala’s program, Hayley is on track to replace her teacher salary & be a full-time WAHM!

Meet Jennifer! 

“I can’t imagine going back to working a regular job after freelancing & working from home. It’s the perfect balance for our family.”

Jennifer was seeking freedom. Finding a job that allowed her to balance a career & family life seemed impossible. After purchasing Overwhelmed to Overbooked, Jennifer transitioned from a virtual assistant to copy editing & content writing. She met her first financial goal within months of purchasing!

When You Enroll in OTO...You ALSO Get:

Exclusive Access to OTO Job Leads

I've become known as one of the best resources for business owners looking to hire a freelancer -- this means exclusive job leads each day for you! A 6-month access pass to my top-secret job leads board is included with your OTO purchase! 

Trello Board & Template Bundle

This course comes packed with multiple trello boards to help you organize your business and your clients! + over 50 templates to make building your business a breeze!

Get It Done Workbooks

Are you a paper and pen kinda gal? Me too! Each module comes with a printable get-it-done workbook to help you implement what I teach in the program. 

Make Back Your Money, Honey Challenge!

Hit the ground running with the Make Back Your Money challenge to land your first client within 30 days of implementing the strategies I teach in module 6 THE Client-Landing Method.

Continuing Freelance Education

Each month leading industry experts provide ongoing learning opportunities at no extra cost to you! We've had accountants, lawyers, marketers, the list goes on and on!

Portfolio & Confidence Builders

This bonus is all about putting your skills to work. We provide potential client avatars and job opportunities for you to practice different scenarios and tasks you would experience when working with clients.

And...drumroll please...

the ultimate bonus to end all bonuses….

Masters of Online Business Bonus!
Go behind-the-scenes of my entire business with the amazing rock stars who make up team Micala Quinn! If you’re wanting an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how my entire team manages MY business (so that you’re prepared to wow any client!) then you NEED to access this bonus ASAP!
  • Scheduling Posts on Facebook
  • ​Posting a Blog to Wordpress
  • ​Hashtags & Hashtag Research
  • ​How to Edit a Podcast
  • ​How to Repurpose Content
  • ​How to Implement a Client's Social Media Strategy
  • ​How to pitch to potential affiliates
  • Pinterest Scheduling
  • ​Instagram Scheduling
  • ​Email Inbox Management
  • ​How to Build a Landing Page
  • ​Media Pitching
  • ​How to Create a Social Media Strategy & Content Calendar for a Client
  • ​How to build an email automation
  • My 7 Step Live Free Fast Framework (Value $2089)
  • ​Bonus: Masters of Online Business (Value $997)
  • Bonus: 6 Months Access to OTO Student Lounge (Value $997)
  • ​Bonus: 6 Months of Weekly Office Hours (Value $5,000+)
  • ​Bonus: 6 Months Exclusive Access to Job Leads (Value $2079)
  • ​Bonus: Trello and Template Bundle - Oh MY (Value $497)
  • Bonus: Get it done workbooks (Value $497)
  • ​Bonus:  6 Months of Guest Expert Trainings (Value $997)
  • ​Bonus: Make Back Your Money, Honey Challenge (Value $97)
  • ​Bonus: Portfolio & Confidence Boosters (Value $97)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,000+

YOUR INVESTMENT: 6 easy payments of $197

>> Choose the payment plan that works for you. No matter which plan you choose, you will gain immediate access to all lessons, resources, & our amazing community! <<

The OTO Guarantee

I take your investment seriously and ask that you do the same. 
If you sign-up and dive in to the course work, consistently implement what I teach, are active in the course Facebook group when you need support, and show up to the weekly coaching calls -- if you do all of this -- and after three months of showing up and putting in the work have not seen any progress, I will offer you a full refund.

I’m almost ready...I just have a few more questions!

No problem, check out the FAQ below. 

Don't see your question answered? Shoot us an email at

What is a freelancer?
A freelancer is someone who operates as an independent contractor to help small or online businesses grow. You might have a specialized skill set (like graphic design, social media marketing, or copywriting) or you might offer virtual admin support. As a freelancer you set your own rates, run your own business, set your hours etc. My course will help you build your business from scratch- including helping you find clients!

When do I get access to the course and materials?
You will receive your login information to access course materials shortly after you complete your purchase.  

Will you help me figure out what services to offer?
Of course! One entire step in this program is dedicated to helping you select the right services! We also focus on helping you create your packages and pricing, so you know what to charge!

How much can I earn as a freelancer?
That really depends on how much you want to work and what you are charging per hour or per package. If you have a goal in mind in order to quit your job or to start supplementing, an easy way to figure out your earning potential is to see how many hours you have to work a week and multiply that by your hourly rate. So, if you are charging $30 an hour and have 20 hours to work a week, you could bring in around $2400 a month. However, as a freelancer the opportunities are endless! As your skillset and business grows, you have the freedom to raise your prices and restructure your packages so that you can work the same and start making more, or work less and make the same! It's totally up to you! We have moms with a variety of goals in the course group, some are looking for an extra $500 a month & others are making over 5K per month.  

What if I am a SAHM? Is this course for me?
Absolutely! About half of the moms in our program are SAHMs and the other half are working moms looking to replace their full-time income. We even have a few women who aren't moms yet, but are planning on starting their family soon and want to have the freedom to be home when they decide to start having kids! As a SAHM you can build your business and your work hours around your kiddos schedule!

Are there really a lot of jobs out there?
Yes! There are two main routes we focus on in the course: facebook groups and the local market. Both are great options to find clients and we will show you what to do in each situation to land clients. That being said there are TONS of businesses out there and each day more people are creating online endeavors, growing their shops, and hiring support to help them grow! The course group regularly shares job opportunities and I even have a hire form setup to funnel leads into the group!

Does the program include skills training?
It includes training on the tools I recommend (Trello, Acuity, Canva, Zoom etc). But there is always more you can learn!

It does not include intensive training on how to become a social media manager or bookkeeper etc. But we do have guest experts on those topics to help get you started!

How long does it take to find clients?
It depends, because everyone has different goals. Some women find clients in a couple weeks and others take a couple months. The average is around a month!

How long do I have access?
Unlimited access to course content (you can go back and review and rewatch any time you want!) and 6 months access to Group Coaching Calls, Course Community, Guest Expert Trainings, and Exclusive Job Leads - yes there is an opportunity to continue with the resources after 6 months!

How long will it take to finish the course?
It totally depends on the amount of time you have to devote to the course. I recommend trying to complete one step per week. There is a fast track option I talk about in the program- some women have finished in as fast as one week. However, you do not have to complete the program to find clients and start making money! I will show you how to start taking on clients while you are still building!

What if I fail?
We won't let you! If you follow the steps outlined in my course, seek help when you need it, reach out when you are stuck, you will be amazed at what you are capable of! But what happens if you don't even try? You'll sit there wondering what could have been.

What if it doesn't work?
Everyone's story is different, but there are multiple levels of support to help you be successful. From group coaching calls, course content, and the private Facebook community the steps of the program are proven. 

When I say no member is left behind I mean it. But you are going to have to take responsibility. You have to show up, complete the course, implement what I teach and reach out when you get stuck or need help

Why is there only a limited time to enroll? 
This way allows me to maintain a really great work/life balance since I don’t have to publicly be promoting the course all the time and instead of focusing on selling the course, I get to spend my time focusing on the students who are in the program and making sure they have the support they deserve from me!
This is your moment, mama. 
Don’t waste any more time sacrificing and stressing.

This is more than just your way out of that awful job. 

This is your path to the free, full, fantastic life of your dreams. 

Take control of your future. Launch your business. Love your life.
  • My 7 Step Live Free Fast Framework (Value $2089)
  • ​Bonus: Masters of Online Business (Value $997)
  • Bonus: 6 Months Access to OTO Student Lounge (Value $997)
  • ​Bonus: 6 Months of Weekly Office Hours (Value $5,000+)
  • ​Bonus: 6 Months Exclusive Access to Job Leads (Value $2079)
  • ​Bonus: Trello and Template Bundle - Oh MY (Value $497)
  • Bonus: Get it done workbooks (Value $497)
  • ​Bonus:  6 Months of Guest Expert Trainings (Value $997)
  • ​Bonus: Make Back Your Money, Honey Challenge (Value $97)
  • ​Bonus: Portfolio & Confidence Boosters (Value $97)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,000+

YOUR INVESTMENT: 6 easy payments of $197

>> Choose the payment plan that works for you. No matter which plan you choose, you will gain immediate access to all lessons, resources, & our amazing community! <<

Have questions??? Send us as e-mail at

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